Educational mobility as an opportunity to strengthen the key competences of pupils of the Secondary School in Łowicz

Αναρτήθηκε 20 Δεκεμβρίου, 2019

Platon Schools in cooperation with the Jozef Chelmonski Secondary School in Lowicz implemented the project "Educational mobility as an opportunity to strengthen the key competences of pupils of the Secondary School in Łowicz" The project was implemented thanks to the funding obtained by the Polish school under the Transnational Student Mobility programme. Participation in the activities was free for participants.
The project focused on the problem of the lack of up-to-date and professionally maintained social networking profiles on Facebook on tourism and economic topics from the Łowicz and Katerini regions where the project participants came from. The project was a response to this need, combining the possibility of promoting these regions with the opportunity to strengthen key competences of students.
The main goal of the project was to increase students' competence in the areas of comprehension and content creation, digital, personal, social and learning, civic and cultural awareness and expression. The project has also contributed to measures for people with reduced opportunities. Thanks to the project, it was possible to achieve such goals as: increasing motivation among students to improve their personal, social and cultural competences, increasing the quality of education by giving the opportunity to use outside formal teaching methods and introducing innovations in the way of conducting classes. The implemented goals of the project are also an increase in the competence of the teaching and management staff and building the international potential of the school.
6 students and 2 Platon School teachers took participated in the project. Together with 20 students and 3 teachers from Poland they jointly carried out classes at our school. Students and staff were selected on the basis of their knowledge and skills necessary to implement the mobility program.
The young people were divided into international groups in which they implemented a 12-day program of classes prepared by our school. Topics were related to social media marketing of the regions where the participants come from. During the mobility, participants developed material project products in the form of professionally managed websites on Facebook and project brochures, which were not only a summary of acquired skills and knowledge, but also contributed to the promotion of the Lowicz and Katerini regions.
The project had a great impact on the key competences of mobility participants, contributed to their personal cultural and social development, increasing the potential of young people. The project also helped to improve the qualifications of teaching and management staff and contributed to building the prestige and international profile of the school.

Seeing the impact of the project on our organizations, together with the school's director we decided to continue cooperation.

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