European Projects

One of the most important activities of our school is the participation in European Programs and the cooperation with educational organizations of every level from all over Europe. The general framework of these programs is linked to the European Union strategy for improving the quality of education, equal and active social participation, and strengthening the skills of young people in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The themes of the projects vary and each of them has as its main goal the improvement of some of the 8 basic skills, as defined by the European Commission:

  • Communication in the native language.
  • Communication in foreign languages.
  • Math abilities.
  • Digital abilities
  • Learning to learn.
  • Social and political abilities.
  • Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.
  • Cultural awareness and expression.

The activities of these programs follow a student-centered approach based on students' active exploration of real-world challenges and problems. Students actively participate in group work with their peers from all over Europe, come into contact with a variety of learning modes and gain important experiences through travel to European countries.