Erasmus+ KA2

International Collaborations

Erasmus+ KA2 Project activities follow a student-centric approach that is based on the active exploration of problems and challenges in the real world by students. Students actively participate in group work with their peers from all over Europe, come into contact with multiple ways of learning and gain important experience through their travels across European countries.

The themes of the projects vary and each of them has as its main goal the improvement of some of the 8 basic skills, as defined by the European Commission:

  • Communication in the native language.
  • Communication in foreign languages.
  • Math abilities.
  • Digital abilities
  • Learning to learn.
  • Social and political abilities.
  • Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.
  • Cultural awareness and expression.

Our school's participation in European projects begins in 1997 with the Lingua project titled "Everyday life of students in Katerini (Greece) and Krefeld (Germany)", in collaboration with the "Maria Montessori Gesamtschule" of Krefeld. We have participated in tens of other projects, including Socrates I and Socrates II, Comenius, Lifelong Learning and lately the Erasmus + projects, which have yielded important educational results through our school's collaboration with educational institutions all over Europe.

Many of the programs have been described by the European Commission as "Success Story" and "Good Practice Examples" rewarding the high level and contribution to the training of these programs.