High School

In Junior and Senior Highschool of Platon Schools:

We support students, so that they do not feel threatened for themselves and we give them the opportunity to face everyday situations and to direct their own learning.

We encourage student to express their feelings about the problems they encounter and to suggest solutions.

We develop activities based on the child's physical capacity for learning and the importance students attach to what they are learning.

We respond to the needs and interests of the student and the teachers themselves participate in the teaching practice as simple members of the group giving the opportunity for experimentation, self-action and discovery of knowledge.

General Teaching Objectives

In High School the learning processes and the activities in which the students participate are structured in a way that enhances the basic skills that are necessary for their personal and social development.

Understanding through improving the attention, recognition and perception of information.

Memory through learning techniques aimed at enhancing the ability to store, retain and retrieve information.

Critical thinking through activities that require the ability to analyze, compare, classify and link information.

Creative thinking which is reinforced through actions that require the search and production of many possible solutions, synthesis, transformation of information (to change its use) and redefinition of information, ie its processing, in order to make it functional and attractive.

Evaluation associated with the ability to make decisions about actions with given criteria and with the process of prediction, hypothesis, conclusion.

Creativity and personality enhancing tolerance for doubt, desire for new experiences, curiosity, independent judgment, preference for challenges and complex situations, self-confidence and redefined behavioral regulation through internal or internal motivations.

Creativity and emotional processes related to the ability to access emotionally related thoughts, to manage and express emotional experience, to tolerate and manage strong emotions, to empathize, to actively listen, to manage stress, and to adopt a positive attitude towards challenge and resolution problems.


The studies provided at PLATON Schools meet the needs of the basic goal of the Lyceum, which is the nationwide exams. At the same time, the Lyceum provides knowledge of general education through modern teaching methods, contributing to the comprehensive development of the child's personality. The experienced teaching staff of our school with scientific competence and pedagogical training guarantees the full preparation and general support of students and candidates in the national exams.

New Technologies

 –  – Εκπαιδευτήρια ΠΛΑΤΩΝThe use of new technologies in teaching is an integral part of the philosophy of our school that from the first moment of its operation in 1997 with the use of the internet as a source of information and communication. Since then, educational material has been continuously developed through the use of Information and Communication Technologies, such as Physlets in the early 2000s (Java gadgets in the natural sciences), with excellent results in visualization and interactivity, Lego Robotics for programming and studying various phenomena and the Moodle e-learning platform (https://moodle.educonlinux.eu/) while at the same time, we strengthen Educational Technology through international collaborations and European Programs.
Computers, projectors, interactive whiteboards, the Moodle e-learning platform (https://moodle.educonlinux.eu/), are important tools in the daily life of our students, who become familiar and trained in the proper use of new technologies at school.

Foreign Languages

 –  – Εκπαιδευτήρια ΠΛΑΤΩΝAt PLATON Schools, the teaching of foreign languages and the education of students in order to familiarize and use them properly is our main priority.

From the very first years of school, children participate in the teaching of English and in the process are asked to choose between German or French as a second foreign language.

In PLATON schools, full preparation is done so that the students are ready to participate in the language exams of the most well-known institutions and to acquire the most popular ones. and recognized certificates. Every year, our school achieves high rates of success in all foreign language certification exams.

In more detail, the students of the school can participate in the following language tests:


Level B2 (Lower):

     ECCE (Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English) Michigan University

     FCE (First Certificate in English) Cambridge University

      TOEIC Listening and Reading (διαβαθμισμένο μέχρι και C1 – Advanced)

     LRN B2 (Learning Resource Network)

Level C2 (Proficiency)

     ECPE (Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English) του πανεπιστημίου του Michigan.

     CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) του πανεπιστημίου του Cambridge.

     LRN C2 (Learning Resource Network)


     Goethe – Zertifikat (Level Α2)

     Goethe – Zertifikat (Level B1)

     Goethe – Zertifikat (Level B2)

     KPG (State Certificate of Language Proficiency)


     DELF Α1 (Diplôme d’études en langue française)

     DELF A2 (Diplôme d’études en langue française)

     DELF B1 (Diplôme d’études en langue française)

     DELF B2 (Diplôme d’études en langue française)

     KPG (State Certificate of Language Proficiency)

Computer Science

 –  – Εκπαιδευτήρια ΠΛΑΤΩΝWe live in a highly technological age where the education provided to young people is very important for shaping their attitude towards the use of technology and information technology. At our school we take care of providing the appropriate supplies to our students for the formation of an information culture.

Innovative tools are used in computer science teaching, such as the Scratch programming language, which aims to teach programming concepts to children and adolescents and has been developed by the MIT Media Lab. At the same time, our students come into contact with robotics using the Lego Mindstorms EV3 platform and learn to create from simple to complex robots.

Degree IT Skills Vellum

Computer use is taught in six sections, Computer Use and File Management, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Internet Services, Presentations, and Databases. Students are fully prepared for the Vellum IT Skills Certification Exams (Standard and Proficiency) which take place in our school which is an examination center.

Preparation for the Panhellenic Exams

panellinies31 –  – Εκπαιδευτήρια ΠΛΑΤΩΝ

In the context of preparing students for the theme bank, 1st Senior High School students very often write exams and diagnostic tests for the assimilation of lessons and the control of their knowledge. Every week in the 2nd and 3rd class of Senior High School are held simulation exams in the nationally examined courses.

Remedial Teaching

 –  – Εκπαιδευτήρια ΠΛΑΤΩΝIt is provided replacement program of the courses in case of justified absence of the students from the school. At the same time students have the support of teachers with personalized teaching, in order to fully understand the examined lessons and to cover any weaknesses or to improve their performance in the lessons.

Experiential Learning-Volunteering

 –  – Εκπαιδευτήρια ΠΛΑΤΩΝEvery year a series of educational activities are organized that aim at the experiential approach to social and environmental issues. In this context, excursions are carried out inside and outside our country. At the same time, student groups of all levels of our school participate in voluntary activities for vulnerable groups, the environment and culture.

It is worth noting that our students have the opportunity to participate in european projects, during which they travel to other countries, get to know different cultures and civilizations, exchange views and ideas, thus forming a European consciousness.

Vocational Guidance

The School Vocational Guidance program aims to facilitate students in exploring their personality and supporting career decisions. A number of steps are taken to achieve this goal.

Vocational Orientation Test

 –  – Εκπαιδευτήρια ΠΛΑΤΩΝThe students of A' Senior High School, after undergoing the personality test and analysis of the "Discogram" profile, have at their disposal the rich material of its results. Along with the above psychometric tool, students complete the vocational guidance questionnaire. The results are evaluated by an experienced pedagogical team and an individual discussion with the school principal follows in order for the student to be led to the most appropriate professional choice. 


crop-businessman-signing-contract-in-office-3771097 –  – Εκπαιδευτήρια ΠΛΑΤΩΝFor many years, the students of the A' Senior High School of our school participate in the competition for the creation of a virtual business of SEN JA Greece. Students are asked to think, research and create (virtually) a business that they will present to a jury made up of people from the area.

Through their participation the students:

  • cultivate their creativity & develop critical thinking
  • become familiar with the concept of entrepreneurship, the importance of the economy, the role of business in the global economy, the value of competitiveness and innovation.
  • are introduced to basic economic concepts.
  • develop important professional and social skills: teamwork, negotiation, problem solving, presentation skills, etc.
  • "Connect" with the work environment and acquire representations for the efficient organization of the production process, working conditions, future work opportunities, etc.
  • learn experientially both through educational visits to companies and through role-playing games and simulations.

For more information about the competition you can visit the website http://senja.gr/.


European Projects

During the school year our students have the opportunity to participate in innovative programs of various topics that offer new ways of differentiated learning. They are given the opportunity to create, collaborate, express themselves, raise awareness, have fun and expand their horizons with activities that transcend the boundaries of classical teaching.

Through the participation of our school every year in a variety of European programs and cooperation with educational organizations from all over Europe, new innovative activities are developed with the aim of strengthening the 8 "basic skills" as defined by the European Union.

See all the European Programs of the Platon Schools here.