STEAM Teaching Program

At Platon schools, we understand that times change, and together the way our students learn. In an effort to provide more than dry knowledge, we have designed a program for students of all levels of the school that will offer them a different way of thinking and learning.

So we created, for elementary and high school students, a STEAM teaching program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mechanics) that combines exploratory and the method of "co" creation (co-creation). The knowledge and skills that we consider necessary for students are acquired by exploring, creating and playing.

In this way we enhance the students' creative thinking, their computerized thinking, collaboration, problem solving ability, investigation and many other abilities and skills.

The tools we use to achieve these goals are software for creating graphics, digital games, robots and special software for learning robotics as well as simple everyday materials for creating tangible games.

More specific:

  • in the first grades of elementary school students first come into contact with robots and programming through Lego Education WeDo0 robotics training packages
  • in the 5th and 6th grade, the computer science course is designed to help students dive deeper into the world of programming with the help of Scratch software created at MIT.
  • in the first year of high school, robotics activities are enriched with the Lego Mindstorms EV3 program
  • in the 2nd year of high school is added the programming and creation of digital games using the software Microsoft Kodu Game Lab as well as the creation and programming of robots (Arduino)
  • in the last class of high school, students are trained in creating and editing videos


The implementation of the STEAM program is greatly supported by the participation of our school in European programs of similar theme that enable our elementary, gymnasium and high school students to take part in various activities, to collaborate with their peers from all over Europe and help plan education for the future.

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